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Why we hold success hostage

Robert Johnson interview before speaking at Success North Dallas…

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Living on the Edge of Discovery

Robert Johnson is featured in Professional Performance 360 magazine. Living on the Edge of Discovery.

21st century leaders learn to live on the edge of discovery. One of their most defining qualities is the capacity to ask better questions than their competitors, and the courage to explore those questions with greater curiosity and creativity. They embrace the universal law of knowledge. The more we know, the more we will discover we don’t know.

To read the entire article – click the image and go to Performance Magazine online.

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Performance Matrix Forbes Article

Are You Doing The Wrong Things Right Or The Right Things Poorly? Here’s How To Tell
by Cheryl Snapp Conner

Except… how to apply the Performance Matrix to life as an entrepreneur from the individual who discussed the concept in detail in his 1998 book, A Touch of Reality: fellow CEO Space instructor and business and management expert Bob (Robert) Johnson. Earlier this year Johnson spoke with me about collaboration for one of my previous posts. Today we examined the way entrepreneurs can use the Performance Matrix to hit their optimal marks.


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The Bcube™ Game

Removing the Fear of Collaboration

The Bcube™ Game experience is a must for every business owner and entrepreneur who wants to learn how to make collaboration a tangible tool for accelerating business performance and resilience. Cooperation and collaboration are no longer options for successful 21st century organizations.  Collaboration can, however, be unsettling because we are often afraid  that others will take more from us than they are willing to give back to us.  This session is essential for anyone who wants to experience Bcube™:  the patented, breakthrough collaboration tool that  accelerates personal growth and business performance.

Who will benefit from the experience?

This class is for you if your business is embryonic or established, if your business is global or local, if you have dozens of employees or if your only employee is looking back at you from the mirror.  The benefits of collaboration are without boundaries.

A proven principle that the development and success of business owners and entrepreneurs are accelerated by providing an environment that encourages cooperation and collaboration. This session is beneficial to any business owner and entrepreneur who wants to maximize their cooperative experience.

Participants will learn to:

Overcome the fear of collaboration
Experience the full benefits of cooperation
Leverage uncertainty to accelerate personal growth and business performance

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    Why Most Collaborations Still Fail (And 5 Ideas For Turning The Equation Around)

Why Most Collaborations Still Fail (And 5 Ideas For Turning The Equation Around)

An Article on Forbes by Cheryl Snapp Conner
ENTREPRENEURS 2/17/2014 @ 9:00AM

While “collaboration” is the world’s favorite buzzword, it seems, we need only look around to see evidence in every direction of collaborative intentions that have epically failed. U.S. Congress. Countrywide and Bank of America. AOL and Time Warner. Spring and Nextel…

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Performance Magazine

Today’s leaders know that the survival of every organization is predicated on it’s capacity to learn, to make adjustments based on that learning and to waste little time doing so. The faster and organization is able to make these adjustments, the longer it is likely to survive and thrive in the ever-changing business landscape.

Article in Performance Magazine…


To read the entire article – click on the photo below to download the full PDF:

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